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Devos- Abraham: Take Another Step

The Story Of The Bible #1.4

Devos- Noah- A New Beginning

The Story Of The Bible #1.3

The Story Of The Bible 1.3- Noah

A New Beginning: Noah and The Flood

Looking at the flood from a perspective of hope and faithfulness.

Adam & Eve- Paradise Lost & The Divine Comedy

The Story Of The Bible #1.2

The Story Of The Bible 1.2- The Fall

Paradise Lost & The Divine Comedy

Devos- Creation- God's Great Dream

The Story Of The Bible #1.1

The Story Of The Bible 1.1- Creation

Creation- God's Greatest Dream

James #21 Devotionals- Money Talks

James #21- Beware Materialism- Money Talks

James #21- Beware Of Materialism

James 5:1-6

James #20: Beware Smug-arroganc-iority

James 4:11-12

When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

Handling Worry & Stress

James #19- Resisting The Devil

The Full Armor Of God

James #17- Father's Day 2016

The Measure Of A Man (or Woman)

James #16- Walking In Wisdom

James 3:13-18

James #15- Two Kinds Of Fire- Two Kinds Of Words

Unleashing Heaven (or hell) With Our Words

James #14 Managing My Mouth

James 3:2-12

The Prodigal Son

Luke 15

James #10 The God Of The Powerless

James 1:26-2:1

James #9 The Power Of Belonging

James 2:1-13

James #8- Resurrection Power

James 1:26-27

Easter Weekend 2016

Exodus 12:14

Palm Sunday 2016- The Cross

1 Corinthians 1:18

Things take on different meanings depending on how you look at them. The apostle Paul couldn't see the cross as a bad thing because of what it did for us. Like a mother doesn't remember the pain of her child's birth but focuses on the joy of her children, Jesus doesn't want us to focus on the despair that is often associated with the cross.