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The Passover: Looking Forward... Looking Back

Passover, The Last Supper & The Lord's Supper

How Great Is Our God?

Pastor Mitchell

Cultivate #5: Prayer

Plugging In To The Greatest Power On Earth

Create a prayer list to transform your prayer time.

Prayer Lesson Sheet Prayer List Outline

Prayer List Outline

Cultivate #4; Voice Recognition

How Do I Know I'm Hearing From God?

Cultivate #3: Building The Life God Blesses

Is The Bible Important?

Cultivate 2

God Is My GPS

Cultivate 1

Community Is Crucial

Child Dedication Weekend

What Is A Family SUPPOSED To Look Like?

Get Out Of The Box

Get Out Of The Box

Get Out Of The Box

Get Out Of The Box

Thrive 3

Resetting My Life

Thrive 2

Choosing Your Architect

Thrive 1

What Matters Most

Riverside DNA Part 10


Riverside DNA Part 9


Riverside DNA Part 8


Riverside DNA Part 7


Riverside DNA Part 6


Riverside DNA Part 5


Riverside DNA Part 4


Riverside DNA Part 3


Riverside DNA Part 2


Riverside DNA Part 1

The Power Of Values

The Sermon On The Mount Part 15

What Have We Learned

The Sermon On The Mount Part 14

The Whole Enchilada

The Sermon On The Mount Part 13

Judgement: Are You Kidding Me?

The Sermon On The Mount Part 12

Jesus On Worry (Don't Do It)