Welcome To Riverside 

Hey Everyone,

When people ask me about Riverside I'm never sure exactly what to tell them.  What they're wondering (at least I think this is it) is whether Riverside will be the right church for them.  That's the million dollar question, isn't it?  Some of us are looking for a church experience that is similar to a really good one we had to leave behind for some reason.  Others of us are looking for something that is as far from what we've experienced in the past as you can get.  Whatever you're looking for I guess the only way to figure out if Riverside is right for you is to try it for yourself and see.  We're the perfect fit for some people... while others run from the building screaming (although to be truthful that's only happened a couple of times ;0).

Riverside is a unique place.  We believe God has given us the task of doing church "different".  Consequently there are plenty of people who are extremely comfortable in "churchy" environments that don't think we're doing it right.  We don't use the secret lingo, sing the right songs or follow the traditions that seem to be indispensible to them (nothing wrong with traditions... it's just not who we are). 

What's so different about Riverside?  A couple of things come to mind:

First we try to make it very easy for those who are new to feel at home.  We don't make you stand up and say anything.  We don't mob you with ushers.  We try to make our services as easy to understand and as comfortable as they can be so folks can relax with a cup of coffee while they are presented with a fairly radical message- let someone else direct your life (that someone else would be God by the way... not the Pastor or anyone else from Riverside). 

And second, since we don't try to force people into a certain way of doing church we are an extremely safe place for people who have been burned out by churches.  Riverside has served as a convelescent home for many disillusioned or just plain exhausted Christians.  

We also try to make our services as entertaining as possible.  The Bible says that when Jesus spoke the people listened to him "with delight" (Mark 12:37).  Now I'm not trying to compare myself to Jesus... there's a fairly huge gap there and you don't have to know me very long to notice.  But I think it's important to do my best to make the message of the Bible relevant and entertaining (at least as entertaining as I am capable of making it).  At Riverside you will hear jokes, see humorous clips from movies and TV, and be treated to lessons & song services that will put a spring in your step as you leave.  

So why not give us a try?  Join us this Sunday.  Get there a few minutes early because even the countdown (started 5 minutes before the service begins) is a blast.  Grab a cup of coffee & a donut and get ready to have an experience (what kind of experience will depend entirely upon your tastes, experiences and expectations).

If you have any questions just email me.

God bless.
Pastor Ed