About Us

We Do Church Different!

(see... we don't even add an "ly" to the end of our catchphrase ;0)

Not necessarily better... just different.

Join us this weekend and see for yourself!


Saturdays @ 6 PM or

Sundays at 10 AM & 11:30 AM

From the moment you walk in the door you'll see that Riverside is different.  The people are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, the music is upbeat and modern, the coffee and donuts are free and the lessons are entertaining and relevant. 

Our building isn't the newest or nicest church facility in Eagle River... but it is paid for ;0)  As we've grown we've been asked when we're going to build a new, larger, fanicier building to ease the congestion.  To be honest... unless someone wins the lottery or Ty Pennington decides to come to Alaska for an Extreme Makeover: Church Edition we will most likely just keep adding services to deal with the added folks coming to Riverside.  We could start a building project but if we did we'd have to start asking folks to "dig deep!" & "pony up!" and since we're unwilling to do that... well, we'll make due with what we have (which we are very thankful for, by the way).

Make sure you stop by the kitchen before you sit down in the auditorium so you can get yourself a cup of coffee and a donut.  If you have kids we have snacks & activities for them so they have something to do while you enjoy the service.

And speaking of kids, at Riverside we've got a lot of them!  Our weekend gatherings are more like a family reunion than a "service". Our kids are sometimes loud, often distracting, and always full of life. We know that some churches want their kids to be seen and not heard but we think the world needs more places where kids can be kids.  Riverside is one of those places.  Our dream is to create a place where kids cry when their parents drag them out of church instead of crying while being dragged in.

If you're worried that everyone will know you're a visitor and mob you... don't.  With three weekend services people figure if they don't recognize you then it's probably because you usually go to one of the other services. So you'll be able to come and check things out without being attacked by ushers or pushy members.   You will be able to choose your level of involvement and familiarity.  But if you're like most of our visitors you'll want to get more involved and make Riverside not just a place to go to church... but  a place to make yourself at home and make friends.

Join us on Saturdays @ 6 PM or Sunday mornings at 10 AM or 11:30 AM.

You'll feel right at home and your kids will BEG you to come back!  And when was the last time  either of those things happened to you at church?